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What we can do for you...

We can connect your site to a database, legacy system, web service, middle or back-office system.

We can build a management system for information on your website - anything from simple content management to sophisticated data management.

We can build a system that will take in information from users and/or you, and do pretty much anything with the data.

We can build e-commerce systems, online shops, shopping carts, SMS systems.

We can build login-controlled systems with multiple levels of user privilege to allow ring-fenced access to sensitive content.

We can build what you need.


Fianna Fáil, Office of Public Works, JPMG, GforGo, GoHop.ie, Flightwise, Capitol Links...

Solutions Developed

Content Management, eCommerce, CRM, Touchscreen Applications, SMS/Mobile, Mobile Email, Booking & Quotation Engines, Catalogues, Intranets, Legacy Accounts Systems, Collaborative Workspaces...


PHP, AJAX, ASP, JSP, Perl, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Coldfusion...


mySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL...