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Team work

Making websites work

Since 1997, ibis have been in the business of web development - making websites functional beyond static design. During that decade, we have worked with every kind of organisation, from very small businesses to government departments to political parties.


We are not a design company (we're using an Open Source design here, for example) - what we do is connect your website to databases, web services, or legacy systems. We are happy to work with any design company of your choice, or your own in-house designers - over the years, we have worked with Room Three, One World, ICAN, Nexus451, Red Dog Design, Fire Design, IDEA, New World, and others.


Fianna Fáil, Office of Public Works, JPMG, GforGo, GoHop.ie, Flightwise, Capitol Links...

Solutions Developed

Content Management, eCommerce, CRM, Touchscreen Applications, SMS/Mobile, Mobile Email, Booking & Quotation Engines, Catalogues, Intranets, Legacy Accounts Systems, Collaborative Workspaces...


PHP, AJAX, ASP, JSP, Perl, HTML, Javascript, CSS, Coldfusion...


mySQL, SQLServer, Oracle, PostgreSQL...